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Marine suppression
Marine fire suppression systems because controlling fire on a boat at sea has different rules to a building on land

In Cairns and Townsville there are guidelines for the effective containment and implementation of Marine Fire Safety. The requirements of this specialised industry is regulated on a varying set of standards than regular fire containment systems due to the unique nature and environment where these systems need to work. Among many reasons for marine fire suppression systems is one of confined spaces and secondly of preservation of engine compartments and vessel integrity.

At NQ Fire Cairns & Townsville we are authorised to develop and install these marine fire suppression systems and can adapt systems for your small, medium or large vessel that matches current legislation as well as provides real peace of mind for the safety of your operation.

For the safety of your vessels, whether for a single boat or a fleet, contact NQ Fire today and get a no obligation quote and discussion on the best ways to implement a safe and secure marine fire suppression system on your craft.


At NQ Fire Cairns & Townsville we use and recommend the following quality brands

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Whether in Townsville or Cairns you will benefit by taking advantage of the fire extinguisher, smoke alarms, fire systems and all other fire safety services we have been offering the region for more than 25 years

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