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Fire systems
Townsville & Cairns wired fire systems

The traditional fire detection systems used in Cairns & Townsville today are hard wired systems that are usually incorporated into the building design during construction or retro-fitted to a building after it has been built. It is important that these fire detection systems are designed by a specialist team of experts and at NQ Fire we have been the leaders in our field for more than 25 years.

There are many different brands and manufacturers of fire detection systems and we have alligned ourselves with three of the worlds most recognised manufacturers for all of their types of fire systems. We can use our industry leading training to develop a fire system design that will both aesthetically suit your building as well as meet the stringent requirements and quality assurances relating to Australian Standards.

Wireless fire system

Traditionally, fire detection systems in industrial and commercial applications in the regions of Cairns & Townsville have used hard wired installations. These systems are generally installed at the time of construction or refurbishment, making the laying of cables not a great issue. However, certain applications do not lend themselves to this approach, such as occupied buildings, heritage sites, architecturally sensitive buildings and annexes. This is where wireless systems provide the ideal solution.

We have a fire detection system that we recommend which is a system in which individual detectors, call points and alarm devices communicate with the loop by radio signals. This Fire System is committed to ISO 9001 quality assurance and is approved, accredited and registered by SGS. All products requiring approval to Australian Standards are tested and listed as quality accredited products in the Activ-Fire Register by CSIRO.


At NQ Fire Cairns & Townsville we use and recommend the following quality brands

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Whether in Townsville or Cairns you will benefit by taking advantage of the fire extinguisher, smoke alarms, fire systems and all other fire safety services we have been offering the region for more than 25 years

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