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For all of your servicing needs on all fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, smoke alarms and all other fire safety requirements

At NQ Fire Townsville & Cairns we specialise in offering maintenance packages with all of our installations of quality products. This is due to the safety of ensuring these often dormant devices are kept in a working order for when they are needed as well as keeping up with the legislations in place in Australia.

Fre extinguisher and detection system maintenance and servicing

The regular testing, inspection and qualified NQ Fire servicing of your workplace, office building or apartment (Multi-Residential) fire extinguishers and detection systems is not only important to safety it is also mandatory under Australian regulations and standards. This maintenance schedule can be found in the Australian Standards AS1851 Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment. At NQ Fire we can help you by taking care of all requirements on behalf of your business to keep your occupants safe and your business up to code.

Emergency lighting maintenance and servicing

NQ Fire are specialists when it comes to the routine testing of emergency lighting in all applications whether it be government buildings, schools, market places, businesses and multi residential buildings. Our regular testing intervals mean your business or establishment will be in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety obligations as set out by Australian Standards AS2293.

The frequency of testing of emergency exit lighting is every 6 months with a record of results being maintained to maintain full compliance with the Australian Building Code as well as fire and council regulations and standards. Any repairs or replacements that are required during these testing and inspection times can also be carried out by us promptly and efficiently meaning you don't have to worry about whether your building is meeting these conditions.


At NQ Fire Cairns & Townsville we use and recommend the following quality brands

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Whether in Townsville or Cairns you will benefit by taking advantage of the fire extinguisher, smoke alarms, fire systems and all other fire safety services we have been offering the region for more than 25 years

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