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Fire extinguishers & more
Townsville & Cairns leading supplier of quality fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets for all domestic, commercial and industrial use

We take great pleasure in being able to supply our clients with a large range of Australian Standards approved products to help protect people and property every day. For whatever application we have a great range of fire extinguishers ranging in size from 1kg to 90kg. we also stock and can recommend the best in fire hose reel technology for your business, government organisation, shopping centre, mine, farm, school or even for home use.

When it comes to choosing the correct fire extinguishers for your application talk to us first and get the best advice for your particular requirement. We can also help you with the provision of fire extinguishers that will assist your business stay diligent with current government laws and legislation.

Product development

Throughout the years we have worked with our supply partners who have a great expertise in the design and manufacture of many fire safety products and equipment. We bring these developments to our Townsville fire extinguishers and Cairns fire extinguishers centres respectively. We continue to add the latest products to our range and we make decisions on what to promote to our customers based on the comprehensive knowledge our suppliers have gained with use of their testing facilities in four locations throughout Australia.

Fast turnaround

NQ Fire always strive for professionalism and we are continually expanding our knowledge of our product range to offer better service. We pride ourselves on fast dispatch and turnaround of all orders whenever possible and endeavour to raise the bar in customer service or just give you a happy, helpful voice on the other end of the phone.


At NQ Fire Cairns & Townsville we use and recommend the following quality brands

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Whether in Townsville or Cairns you will benefit by taking advantage of the fire extinguisher, smoke alarms, fire systems and all other fire safety services we have been offering the region for more than 25 years

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